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All works are acrylic, latex, cray pas and gesso on paper
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Paradise #27
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1999 Paintings
par • a • dise (par´e dis´) n.[ ME. Paradis < OE. & Ofr., both < LL. (Ec.) paradisus, heaven, abode of the blessed < L., park, orchard < Gr. paradeisos, park, garden (in OT. & LXX, Paradise) < M Iran. *pardez, akin to Av. pairi-daeza, an enclosure < pairi, around (see PERI-) + daeza, a wall < IE. base *dheigh-, to knead clay, build a wall, whence Gr. teichos, wall: cf. DOUGH] 1. [P-] the garden of Eden: see EDEN 2.same as: a) HEAVEN b) LIMBO1 3. a) any place of great beauty and perfection b) any place or condition of great happiness

The Paradise Series is a collection of works on paper and paintings over a two year period. It is derived from a dictionary definition as well as John Milton's, Paradise Lost and works of Dante. This collection explores the observation of the human condition through allegory, myth, and historical allusion. Although the human figure does not appear, every element is a metaphor for the human struggle with ones self and ones environment.

There are approximately 50 works on paper in this series.

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